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Why Should You Add a Lift to Your Commercial Property?

Every business deserves to operate productively; with smooth work flow and efficient in-house communication, a lift can introduce a higher level of functionality to your workplace environment. If your commercial premises consist of multiple floors, then here are several benefits you can experience by having a lift installed by our qualified team here at CBES Group.Building Value
Any building alteration can quickly become a major asset when measured and installed correctly. By having a lift properly surveyed and engineered right from the beginning, you can be certain the value of your commercial property will rise now and in the future.

As a functional dynamic to your premises, the cost of a lift installation will not have to be budgeted for by future buyers either. Already installed, a lift can be a valuable feature to mention when proposing a sale to interested parties.

Disability Friendly
Permanently removing the need for daily leg-aching trips up and down long flights of stairs, a lift also offers no-hassle visits for clients or customers in wheelchairs. For those with disabilities, a lift is a convenient and much appreciated option that can simplify the task of visiting your building. Whether limited in mobility, accompanied by a guide dog or in their elder years, having a lift in your business can dramatically increase accessibility from the inside, as well as the outside world.

Safe Comfort
Very few people enjoy the prospect of climbing a narrow staircase when delivering boxes, carrying shopping bags or handling a heavy pram. Instantly removing these hazards, a lift can provide employees, delivery people and maintenance staff, even guests, with a much faster and less tiring way to access any floor in the building.

Ideal for hotels, galleries, department stores and corporate businesses, a lift can take people where they need to go in the least amount of time thus streamlining movement throughout your premises with elements of speed, comfort and security.

Lifting Your Business
Lifts are a modern, everyday solution that many multi-storey businesses can’t afford to do without. If you have been scouting for a lift to transform your premises, call us today at CBES Group on 0117 982 0865. We are happy to discuss your site requirements and can arrange a friendly quote on request.

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