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Providing Care: How Our Services Can Make Life Easier

When it comes to providing exceptional levels of care in care homes or residential healthcare buildings, a number of factors play their part in allowing you and your staff to do so. Adequate staffing, training and resources are, of course, all vital components in providing great care. But the facilities available within the building also play an equally important role, and ensuring optimum safety and care for residents is linked to a number of effective safety facilities.

Safety Lighting & Security

The safety and security of those in your care is certainly one of your top priorities, and effective emergency and security systems help guarantee this safety in the event of an emergency or anything that might pose a threat to residents.

Here at CBES, our highly experienced and trained engineers are able to provide a vast array of safety and security systems from simple emergency lighting and security systems to the design and installation of complete fire alarm systems – including their integration with existing lifts and security systems.

Lift Installations

Mobility is extremely important in care homes and healthcare in general, and an effective lift system can mean the difference between a life of freedom and not being able to get around. Those who rely on wheelchairs, mobility scooters or crutches to get around also rely on working and reliable lift systems, and providing this in your building is essential to providing effective care.

Reliability is also essential, and choosing your contractor carefully can make a big difference between whether or not those in your care are able to receive the services they really need.

That’s why using CBES Group for your lift installation needs in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding areas will guarantee quality, safety and reliability not only for your building but also for those who need it most.

If you’re the manager at a care home or healthcare provider, and urgently need electrical or lift installations for those in your care, then look no further than our comprehensive contractor services here at CBES. We can tailor all aspects of your project to suit both the needs of you and your building, and those who rely on you. Call us today on 0117 982 0865 to discuss our services and plan a project that suits you.

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