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Ensuring The Best Possible Fire Safety For Your Building With CBES

The importance of fire safety is paramount to any building design, and relies heavily on a high quality and effective electrical system in place. A good fire safety system in your building, whether it’s commercial or industrial, is more than just a series of fire alarms and smoke detectors, and needs to provide a watertight solution to fire safety as well as meeting government standards for appropriate fire safety measures.

Both our electrical and our lift engineering divisions here at CBES provide effective solutions for fire safety in a range of buildings and environments, to cover all necessary bases in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Fire Alarm Systems

Having adequate and effect alarms in place in your building is essential to good fire safety, ensuring any occupants or people inside are aware of the threat and able to begin evacuating. Here at CBES we carry out the full work needed to make your building safe, from designing a system that’s right for your building right through to installation, testing and maintenance.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is often a necessity in large buildings, where smoke may obscure visibility during evacuation or when a fire may have damaged lighting or fuses to the point where the building’s usual lighting is not working. As well as increasing visibility, emergency lighting can help mark out evacuation routes and emergency exits, improving your overall evacuation efficiency and level of fire safety.

Lift Integration

Here at CBES we not only specialise in electrical installations, but also specialise in lift installations in Bath and the surrounding area. As such, we’re able to offer fantastic integration either with existing fire alarm and fire safety systems, or with new systems being installed by our electrical engineers. This not only increases lift safety, but also fire safety making your building even safer across the board.

If you’re looking to install a new fire alarm system in your building or want to upgrade your existing system then CBES can help. Our experienced and highly qualified team can help provide you with customised electrical and lift installation services to make your building safe in case of emergency. Call us today on 0177 982 0865 or contact us via our website for more information.

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