The Importance of Tailored Electrical Installations

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Business premises require electrical installations that are tailored to meet specific needs. When these needs are met, this will enable greater and more consistent productivity, together with aiding better functionality on the premises.

Based in Bristol, we at Combined Building and Electrical Services (CBES) have more than 25 years experience regarding industrial and commercial electrical installation projects. We operate in the Bristol, Gloucester and Swindon areas, and all over the South West of England. We are electrical contractors that offer extensive electrical services, and some of our notable clients have included Tate & Lyle, the Ministry of Defence and SERCO. Our expertise and knowledge is used to take on both large and small projects and, along with installation, our services include design, testing and security.

CBES offers its clients electrical installation services that are bespoke, and can range from a computer room installation to the factory floor. Whether it’s installing L.V. mains switch gear and controls, or testing periodically and assessing electrical installations, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. We are very experienced at taking on basic and more complicated work, and we take pride in providing our clients with a service that is not only highly professional, but one that has the personal touch. Throughout all the jobs that we undertake, we work closely with our clients to ensure a tailored electrical installation is achieved.

Giving our customers the appropriate advice is also something that we regard as a top priority. To this end, our staff regularly undergo training which ensures they are equipped to offer the best possible service and guidance to our clients at all times.

For further information on the services that we provide and can tailor to your needs and your setting, browse out website or get in touch with us today on 0117 982 0865.

3 Most Common Signs of an Electrical Fault


Many electrical problems at homes or business premises usually give off warning signs before becoming serious. Knowing these signs at an early stage can help you make necessary repairs or replacements to prevent dangerous situations that may lead to electric shocks, fires or destruction of property. With that in mind, we at CBES Group have highlighted 3 of the most common signs of an electrical fault you must watch out for: Continue reading

Why Should You Add a Lift to Your Commercial Property?


Every business deserves to operate productively; with smooth work flow and efficient in-house communication, a lift can introduce a higher level of functionality to your workplace environment. If your commercial premises consist of multiple floors, then here are several benefits you can experience by having a lift installed by our qualified team here at CBES Group. Continue reading

The Benefits Of Using An NICEIC Accredited Electrician For Your Business


Due to the current unstable economic climate, you can easily be tempted to fix some electrical problems yourself just to save some money. However, for the sake of safety, you should always consider hiring the services of an NICEIC accredited electrical contractor such as the Combined Building & Electrical Services Group. Some of the main benefits of hiring us to handle electrical jobs for you include:

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NICEIC’s Electrical Safety Register Stresses Importance Of Accredited Electricians


A new safety register, set up by accreditation groups including the NICEIC and ELECSA, has highlighted the need to use approved electrical contractors when carrying out repair, maintenance or installation work on both domestic and commercial premises.

The Electrical Safety Register was set up earlier this year to provide both homeowners and business owners with a comprehensive directory of local, genuinely approved contractors when looking for companies to carry out electrical work.

If you choose an NCIEIC-approved company, such as CBES Group, through the Electrical Safety Register then you are guaranteeing your business with a high-quality service and impeccable standard of work, in line with regulations and guidelines set up by groups such as NICEIC and ELECSA. These groups operate independently from the companies, so even if the work received is not up to standard then it is guaranteed by those in charge of the Electrical Safety Register to be corrected and completed at no additional cost to your company.

Guaranteed Quality & Legal Electrical Work

Far from being just a piece of paper, these accreditation statuses are incredibly important to ensuring a contractor is going to complete work to a high enough standard of quality and safety, as certified electricians are required to demonstrate their technical competence ahead of registering.

Additionally, there are certain types of electrical work which can legally only be carried out by contracted electricians and cannot be done on a ‘DIY’ basis by those within your company. Fuse box work, for example, can only be carried out by accredited electricians – work by anyone else, such as a building manager or on-site electrician, for repairs or replacements could actually be illegal as well as massively unsafe.

The only way to secure high quality and safe work for your industrial or commercial site, whether it’s simple work in a small retail unit or extensive work in an industrial setting, is to use an accredited contractor from the Electrical Safety Register. Being accredited and listed for both domestic and commercial work, we here at CBES Group are the perfect choice.

Also offering fantastic construction and building solutions, we are a comprehensive choice for any needs you might have – big or small. Call us today on 0117 982 0865 to discuss your business’s needs in more depth with our expert team.

Providing Care: How Our Services Can Make Life Easier


When it comes to providing exceptional levels of care in care homes or residential healthcare buildings, a number of factors play their part in allowing you and your staff to do so. Adequate staffing, training and resources are, of course, all vital components in providing great care. But the facilities available within the building also play an equally important role, and ensuring optimum safety and care for residents is linked to a number of effective safety facilities.

Safety Lighting & Security

The safety and security of those in your care is certainly one of your top priorities, and effective emergency and security systems help guarantee this safety in the event of an emergency or anything that might pose a threat to residents.

Here at CBES, our highly experienced and trained engineers are able to provide a vast array of safety and security systems from simple emergency lighting and security systems to the design and installation of complete fire alarm systems – including their integration with existing lifts and security systems.

Lift Installations

Mobility is extremely important in care homes and healthcare in general, and an effective lift system can mean the difference between a life of freedom and not being able to get around. Those who rely on wheelchairs, mobility scooters or crutches to get around also rely on working and reliable lift systems, and providing this in your building is essential to providing effective care.

Reliability is also essential, and choosing your contractor carefully can make a big difference between whether or not those in your care are able to receive the services they really need.

That’s why using CBES Group for your lift installation needs in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding areas will guarantee quality, safety and reliability not only for your building but also for those who need it most.

If you’re the manager at a care home or healthcare provider, and urgently need electrical or lift installations for those in your care, then look no further than our comprehensive contractor services here at CBES. We can tailor all aspects of your project to suit both the needs of you and your building, and those who rely on you. Call us today on 0117 982 0865 to discuss our services and plan a project that suits you.

Why Choose CBES Group for Your Commercial Refurbishment?


Choosing which company to complete refurbishment work on your industrial building or office can be a hard decision.  However here at CBES Group, we want to make that decision a little easier by running through a few of the reasons why you should choose us for your commercial refurbishment.

We are experts at undertaking all aspects of a commercial refurbishment. We have more than 25 years’ experience in the industry and our past projects showcase how esteemed we are as we have worked with a diverse range of companies across different market sectors. We are offering the finest commercial refurbishments in Bristol and the surrounding areas, and the proof of this lies in the fact that our clients come back time and time again due to our competence and attention to detail.  Our company understands the refurbishment process can disturb your working environment, which is why our priority is to get the job done with the minimum level of disruption.

Furthermore, at CBES Group we offer a huge range of construction services: from industrial cladding and roofing, decorating, partitioning and suspended ceiling services right through to fire protection, welfare facility and toilet refurbishment. What makes us different is our understanding that high levels of commitment, training and qualifications have to be attained along with the flexibility to offer a variety of solutions to our clients. We can offer you a tailored service in order to meet your demanding requirements, so no matter how big or small your business is, we will put the same effort in to make sure that your building or office gets the look you desire.

Here at CBES Group our desire is to create the best working environment so you can enjoy your commercial setting. We are hoping that the aforementioned reasons will be enough for you to choose our services, so browse our website or contact us for more information about our services, offers and projects.