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Shearings hotel, Cornwall


Lift installation

Budget: £80,000

Duration: 12 weeks

Even though it was a difficult and complex construction of a steel lift shaft onto an existing staircase well, it was completed on time and within budget.  This prioject involved  site measuring, design, fabrication and lift installation into a difficult apperature.

Downside Abbey Monastery


Lift removal/installation, construction

Budget: £40,000

Duration: 14 weeks

CBES lift engineering department removed and installed a lift shaft in a historic grade 1 listed building. This was a complicated and delicate project, as we had to ensure the old timbers finishers were retained. Also the new timbers had to be in keeping with the character of the building. Fire proofing was also carried out to comply with safety regulations. This project had to be extremely well planned, as it had to be completed successfully on a tight timescale.

Four Seasons Hotel


This project came with specific requirements that for all intents and purposes our workers had to be ‘invisible’, as it was vital for the client that we created no disturbance  CBES were contracted to remove and strip out two lift shafts, so as to allowOTIS who we have worked with many times to install there new lifts.

Sovereign Center


Lift Modernisation

We have worked many times in association with OTIS completing many successful projects to the highest standard. This project is another example of the good work we achieve together. In this project we assisted OTIS in the modernisation of the lift shaft as shown in the picture below. 

Hooper’s department store, Torquay


Lift installation

At the prestigious Hoopers department store in Torquay  we had to remove the old lift from the centre of the store, and resolve Victoria building problems, fully tank and water proof the shaft. The hoardings were adapted to comply with the client’s preferred aesthetically pleasing design ideal to blend in with the shop’s existing characteristics.

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