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We are very pleased to announce that following 15 years of working with Otis, CBES has proved to be a cost effect, reliable and a safe contractor.  Otis Supply Chain Management has signed off a new supplier agreement with CBES (UK) Ltd for the following site services:

  • Lift Removal & Shaft Strip Out
  • Lift Shaft Construction – Steel Frame & Block Work
  • Structural Steelwork and Lifting beams
  • Hoardings
  • All Electrical works (Includes: lift supplies, shaft lighting, motor room rewires & new mains positions)
  • Scaffolding
  • Building Work
  • Shaft Spraying
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Mechanical & Engineering Work
  • Fire Proofing
  • Fire Alarm
  • Flooring
  • Stainless Steel & Timber Architraves
  • Decorating
  • Site Accommodation & Welfare Facilities

Hinkley Point

4 Stop lift removal. Following completion of full security clearance (BSVR), CBES erected hoarding and removed a 4 stop lift. Works were completed in under 4 days.

Whatley Manor, Malmesbury

Pump out lift pit in the beautiful Relais Chateaux, Whatley Manor, Malmesbury. CBES pumped out 500 litres of contaminated water in the lift pit of the Whatley Manor Hotel. Floor protection was laid in a designated route to ensure limited disruption to guests. A sump pump pumped the contaminated water into 25 litre barrels. The water was disposed of by CBES as a certified waster carrier.

Lift Regulations for Disables Users – What You Need To Know

Whether you are designing or building a lift for commercial or private use, you carry responsibility for the safety of individuals using the lift, as specified in the Lifts Regulations 1997 document. You can read the full summery of regulations here, but in short there are a few rules that you must ensure are complied with when working with the design, building or installation of a commercial lift:

  • Hazard analysis must be carried out
  • Sufficient space and maximum weight must be taken into consideration
  • Machinery for lifts that are intended for the transport of people must not be accessible to the public except for in emergencies.
  • Weight capacity and maximum number of people must be clearly signposted, with a process in place for when the weight limit is exceeded
  • An appropriate instruction booklet must be created to coincide with lift maintenance
  • CE markings must be given to all lifts.
  • Lifts must be constructed to safety standards

Not following safety regulations could result in a fine or imprisonment, so it is extremely important to know the regulations that are in place.

You also need to ensure that people living with disabilities are taken into account. This refers to people with visual impairments or wheelchair reliance, for example. Here is a summery of what you need to consider to ensure that your lift meets the needs of disabled users:

  • Control panels must be within easy reach for wheelchair users and be large enough for individuals with visual impairments to comprehend.
  • You need to consider how long it will take someone in a wheelchair to maneuver into a lift, with no space restrictions once inside.
  • There are space requirements regarding entrances and nett floors which can be seen on page 16 of the “Access and Facilities for Disabled People” document, which these considerations have been sourced from.
  • If a lift for a wheelchair user is required, but does not warrant a passenger lift; then a wheelchair stairlift or a platform lift can also be used.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure the safe design and implementation of lifting equipment that corresponds with legal legislation, ensuring your reputation as well as the safety of the passengers that will be using your lifts.

Inland revenue offices, Crescent Centre, Bristol

Lift removal and installation

Budget: £120,000

Duration: 4 months

This project included the removal of the existing 4 lifts and replaced it with an OTIS Gen2 lift. We also had to complete alterations to the marble work and the installation of new stainless steel architraves. All works were carried out in out-of-hours so as to limit disruption to the offices.

Shirley Towers Flats, Torquay

Lift removal and modernisation

Budget: £35,000

Duration: 20 Weeks

This prioject involved the removal of a 7-stop lift shaft. Further to this, the modernisation of an existing lift shaft so that it was suitable for the new lift. We also installed the new OTIS lifts, and carried out all finshes and re-decorations to the area. The project was executed with minimum disruption to the residents.

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