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How Changing Your Lighting Could Improve Your Business’s Efficiency

Lighting is often seen as a necessary requirement of a workplace, yet few people realise the effect that poor lighting can have on the productivity of employees, whilst fewer still appreciate the mammoth costs involved in inefficient lighting systems. This stretches all the way from the smallest desk lamps to the strip lighting system that illuminates an entire factory.

It doesn’t just apply to offices; lighting is an integral part of the character, personality and productivity of every business worldwide. Those that operate overnight are particularly reliant upon good lighting systems, whilst changing seasons can mean lighting throughout the working day becomes an important factor.

Productivity & Efficiency

The right lighting in the workplace can mean the difference between tired and demoralised employees and super-efficient workers. Overall ceiling lights help to light up a workplace, but task lighting is arguably more important in increasing the productivity and comfort of workers. Task lighting is a localised illumination system which helps to provide more lighting to specific areas of the workplace which are important or used frequently. Areas like the production line of a factory, the bay of a mechanic’s garage or the desk space of an office worker can all benefit from improved task lighting.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has never been more important in the history of business. Not only can efficient bulbs save large companies thousands of pounds a year in energy bills, but they help to garner a more approachable and admirable corporate image. Particularly with high carbon footprint industries like manufacturing, investing in efficient lighting can be one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective methods of becoming a more energy efficient business. In a sector which can be criticised for its output of pollution and high energy usage, revitalising the lighting system can be a great sign that your business is looking onwards and upwards in helping to reduce their environmental impact.


Both worker productivity and energy efficiency can be easily and dramatically improved by investing in the right kind of lighting. Whether this means replacing individual bulbs with low energy or high efficiency models, or completely re-designing your lighting system to promote better working conditions; productivity is an impressive and much-welcomed by- product of good lighting.

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