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NICEIC’s Electrical Safety Register Stresses Importance Of Accredited Electricians

A new safety register, set up by accreditation groups including the NICEIC and ELECSA, has highlighted the need to use approved electrical contractors when carrying out repair, maintenance or installation work on both domestic and commercial premises.

The Electrical Safety Register was set up earlier this year to provide both homeowners and business owners with a comprehensive directory of local, genuinely approved contractors when looking for companies to carry out electrical work.

If you choose an NCIEIC-approved company, such as CBES Group, through the Electrical Safety Register then you are guaranteeing your business with a high-quality service and impeccable standard of work, in line with regulations and guidelines set up by groups such as NICEIC and ELECSA. These groups operate independently from the companies, so even if the work received is not up to standard then it is guaranteed by those in charge of the Electrical Safety Register to be corrected and completed at no additional cost to your company.

Guaranteed Quality & Legal Electrical Work

Far from being just a piece of paper, these accreditation statuses are incredibly important to ensuring a contractor is going to complete work to a high enough standard of quality and safety, as certified electricians are required to demonstrate their technical competence ahead of registering.

Additionally, there are certain types of electrical work which can legally only be carried out by contracted electricians and cannot be done on a ‘DIY’ basis by those within your company. Fuse box work, for example, can only be carried out by accredited electricians – work by anyone else, such as a building manager or on-site electrician, for repairs or replacements could actually be illegal as well as massively unsafe.

The only way to secure high quality and safe work for your industrial or commercial site, whether it’s simple work in a small retail unit or extensive work in an industrial setting, is to use an accredited contractor from the Electrical Safety Register. Being accredited and listed for both domestic and commercial work, we here at CBES Group are the perfect choice.

Also offering fantastic construction and building solutions, we are a comprehensive choice for any needs you might have – big or small. Call us today on 0117 982 0865 to discuss your business’s needs in more depth with our expert team.

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