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Four Seasons Hotel

This project came with specific requirements that for all intents and purposes our workers had to be ‘invisible’, as it was vital for the client that we created no disturbance  CBES were contracted to remove and strip out two lift shafts, so as to allowOTIS who we have worked with many times to install there new lifts.

Imperial Hotel Torquay

Imperial Hotel, Torquay

Lift removal & new installation

Project budget: £120,000

Duration: 10 Weeks

When the luxury Imperial Hotel in Torquay contacted us we were faced with an interesting challenge. We at CBES group were contracted to remove three lift shafts from within the hotel so that Schindler Lifts could install new lifts. The challenge arose because the hotel would remain running whilst our project was being carried out. This meant the project needed to be carried out in such a way that would cause minimum disruption to the clients of the hotel. The time frame was scheduled at 10 weeks to the value of £120,000 and we are happy to report that the project was finished on time and within budget.

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